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Milano Nail always strives to provide the highest quality and customer experience with our services. We constantly strive to improve our technology in order to offer you the best service. We provide a range of nail care services, including pedicures, manicures, nail polish, dip powders, waxing, and more. We strive to satisfy all of our clients at Milano Nail. When you leave our nail salon, you will be more confident and beautiful. To accomplish this, a clean working environment is vital. Before using any nail tools, the equipment is disinfected. We invest in the latest nail chair designs to provide a feeling of relaxation and comfort. This is due to the fact that a highly experienced workforce performs miracles with their hands. We can assist you in selecting the best and most suitable nail for yourself. We hope will be served you as soon as possible at Milano nail 3779 Riley Fuzzel Rd #100, Spring, TX 77386

The Best Services


It involves cutting, trimming, and shaping your toenails, tending to your cuticles, exfoliating, hydrating, and massaging your feet, and, if desired, painting your toenails.


You'll start with a quick buff and shaping of the nail, followed by any polish of your choice on both hands (including gel polish for long-lasting color). Affordable and trendy: it's a win-win.


Our waxing services are the "gold standard" in hair removal. Experience the blissful feeling of being 100% hair-free thanks to our experienced and precise technicians.


Come for a revitalizing facial for people on the go! We'll cleanse, wrap and massage your face to refresh your skin. This facial includes hot pamper wraps, so you can relax while we work away dirt, oil, and impurities.

Business hours

Mon – Sat
9 AM – 7 PM
10 AM – 5 PM

Special Offers

  1. 15% off for Medical Staff* on Monday
  2. 15% off for students & military* on Tuesday
  3. 15% off for teacher & seniors (over 65 yrs.old)* on Wednesday
  4. Get 15% discount on your birthday
  5. Earn 3% Cash Reward on Total Bill to redeem with any services
  6. Discount is available for Party Events.
  7. Please ask us for more details



  1. A luxury spa with the best services.
  2. The buffer and file are only used once.
  3. All types of pedicures are protected with a liner.
  4. Never recycle paraffin wax.
  5. Beautiful interior design.
  6. Professional service with a clean, sanitary environment.
  7. Reasonable price.
  8. We use products of the best brands only: OPI, SNS, CND, Chisel, Not Polish, Swarovski,…
  9. 10-day guarantee for artificial nails & shellac services.


  • JASMINE IS AMAZING!!!!! She did such an amazing job on my nails she was so sweet and did it perfectly! She is so funny and she listens so well! My nails are perfect and just what I wanted!

    thumb Meghan Fulton
  • Jasmine, the nail Technician that I ha she was great and very nice and friendly and Make you make you feel welcomemade you feel wecome6 and I will always come back everyone in the Salon nail salon Nail salon

    thumb Mecole Dugar
  • My experience was amazing!! i got a pedicure by Kayla, and she did amazing!!! I got a full set by Jasmine& she was so helpful, my nails looked terrible and she brought me back to life!!! 5 stars, will definitely be back

    thumb Nards’ World
  • Great service. Nails look great! Very satisfied. They just renovated their place and reopened I believe 2 months ago. I will definitely be coming back and recommend this place.

    thumb Érika Pagan
  • DORY WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! She listened to everything I wanted and even helped with decision on color! She did an amazing job! Would highly recommend!!

    thumb Lauren Gresak


Milano Nail Spa is located at 3779 Riley Fuzzel Rd #100, Spring, TX 77386

We highly recommend that you make an appointment before coming to the spa. When booking an appointment, we will be able to prepare for your treatment and give our best service. It also means you won’t have to wait in the lobby for your turn, which will save time all around! We accept walk-in customers but if this is something you prefer please book ahead of time so we can help take care of everything and provide a great experience!

Cutting the cuticles is a common practice in nail care. Many people use it as a way to make them look nicer. However, this is not always the best idea.
Cuticle-cutting has many different benefits. One of these is to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into the nail bed and causing an infection that could result in a nasty fungus or an ingrown toenail. It also helps with preventing hangnails or splitting nails.
However, cutting your cuticles can also have some major downsides. One downside is that it can lead to dry, cracked nails that are more likely to break and peel off. Cutting your cuticles can also cause localized skin reactions such as contact dermatitis or eczema due to the constant exposure of your skin to certain chemicals on your fingers if you use products like acetone for cleaning your fingernails or polish remover for removing polish from them.

A gel manicure is a manicure that is given with a gel polish. The gel polish is applied to the nails and shines for about two weeks without chipping or peeling away. Gel manicures are popular because they last so long without the need for touch-ups, saving time and money. But what many people don’t know is that these manis are not as safe as you may think.

We are committed to providing the best service and excellence for our guests. We will go above and beyond any mission with passion, professionalism and courtesy in order to ensure a comfortable environment where you can truly relax from head-to-toe as well as rejuvenate yourself. To keep up with rigorous sanitising procedures after each treatment, your health is never jeopardized because we follow strict sterilization guidelines at all costs.


We’ve got our Deluxe Pedicure and Express Pedicure, giving you two great options to keep your feet healthy and happy. Deluxe Pedicure Includes neck pillow, 5 minutes of foot massage with sea salt bath, exfoliating scrub, cuticle care and polish. Express Pedicure Includes neck pillow, 5 minutes of foot massage with sea salt bath, exfoliating scrub, cuticle care and polish


When you feel like you need a time out, and it’s time to indulge your feet, come to us! The best foot massage in town!

At our salon, we specialize in the care and treatment of feet, the foundation of our bodies. We have been providing soothing massages that are sure to relieve stress, along with therapeutic treatments that are customized for your needs.

We offer an array of services including manicures, pedicures, and more. If you want a break from the world or just want some quality “me-time” – come see us for a relaxing experience at our spa.


You deserve to feel pampered and rejuvenated after a long day. When you book our Signature Deluxe, not only will you have time to relax your body with a cucumber scrub and mask, but your spirit will be soothed by our warm neck pillow and 10 minutes of feet massage. There are also many different ways that you can customize the experience of this ritual to make it perfect for your needs.

We know that you have many options when it comes to spa days, so we want to show how this package is the ultimate cleansing experience. If you are looking for an escape from reality where all of your troubles can fade away, then look no further than this Signature Deluxe service.


The feet are the foundation of your body. Supporting you every step of the way, they deserve a special treatment. That’s why we’ve created this Milk and Honey Spa! This spa has everything you need to completely relax your feet: warm neck pillow, 12 minutes of massage with hot stones, and creamy rich Vitamin D milk. But what makes this spa stand out from all others is the sea salt bath. Sea salt is full of minerals that can improve circulation throughout your body. It also helps to draw toxins from your muscles and joints! So come to our relaxing spa for a day and rejuvenate your feet.


Take some time to spoil your feet with this deluxe spa package. With the warm neck pillow and 15 minutes of foot massage, you’ll feel like royalty. The orange sea salt bath and tropical scrub will also ensure that your feet are clean and soft.
This is a great way to take care of yourself after a long day at work or after a hard workout. Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home! So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself today!


 Pampering your feet is one of the best ways to treat yourself. 
The OPI products are designed to help you indulge in an oasis for your body and mind. The Warm neck pillow will relax you as the hot stone massage melts away any tension in your muscles. The Dead Sea salt offers a softening effect on the skin, while the Body Butter will replenish dry skin and restore its natural moisture balance. All this, in a luxurious environment where pampering begins with our expertly trained professionals who will guide you through all phases of your spa experience from start to finish.


We may be living in a digital world, but there is still something comforting about the feel of salt on our skin. It has been used for centuries for not just as a food enhancer and cooking ingredient but also to cleanse and detoxify the body. Today, people are using salt to heal themselves in more ways than one. From lunchtime hot wraps to soothing foot creams and comfortable neck pillows, SEACRET DEAD SEA offers a variety of ways you can enjoy the benefits of its salt.


A Champagne and Rose pedicure is a delicious, fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the vine. This service utilizes grape derived enzymes along with fruit acids that gently remove keratinized dead skin cells & callouses. The enzyme removes the top layers of skin leaving a younger, smoother and uniform-pigmentation skin behind. Your feet are enveloped in rich moisture mask that provides relief from symptoms of stress or pain as well as dryness around your heels and toes for 30 minutes while you enjoy an intensive foot massage complete with hot stone to enhance circulation – all before ending on paraffin wax followed by moisturizing cream designed for all types of skins including those prone to sensitive issues such as peeling or cracked heals!


Milano Nail Spa Spring is the best nail and hair salon in the Spring, TX area. Located at 3779 Riley Fuzzel Rd #100, Spring, TX 77386, we offer a wide variety of nail and hair services that are sure to have you coming back for more. Our staff is friendly and our nails are always done perfectly. Milano Nail salon Spring tx provides the perfect environment for you to relax with some of your favorite magazines or even take a quick nap while your nails dry. Whether it be for a quick mani-pedi, updo, or color service, we are confident that Milano nails salon will come through for you.